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Our Technology

An Information Platform

We have one goal: make it easy to capture and compare financial information quickly. 

Most financial systems have severe limitations around the way you look at data. Finray understands that to make this information meaningful, rote structure isn't always useful. Don't get us wrong, consistency is a good thing, but for different circumstances, you need some flexibility that most systems don't offer. We make that flexibility dead simple. 

We also make iteration seamless. We understand that you're regularly updating your forecast and understanding of the current market situation. We make iteration simple so that you can compare multiple sources over time to actual results and previous estimates. Not only can you tell how well you've performed, but how well you've anticipated that performance.  

Currently, we're in our beta phase. Our product hooks into Quickbooks and can compare to any other system through .CSV file import. Unlike other systems, we allow you to structure your data in a way that fits your needs. If you're interested in the beta program, please contact us.

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